” You can turn your life into paradise, but the only way you can do it is to make the inside of you a paradise.” THE SECRET

Why focus on problems? Will you solve the problem by worrying? Overthinking? Speaking to anyone without discrimination? Harping on it? Being angry? What can this possibly solve. My dear friends, You are beautifully created and you possess the wisdom to figure it out. How you may ask? What are my options? Have you surrendered totally to God? Have you prayed for direction? Have you journalled about it? What have you done? Have you consulted a trustworthy senior confidante who will not agree with you on every point but will give you genuine feedback? Have you allowed your ego to run off? Do you think of yourself as indispensable? Think again! What qualities do you exude that makes you special in the eyes of the Lord? We all have the power within to figure it out…never underestimate yourselves. Empty vessels make the most noise, baiting, and keyboard power are useless. Our ultimate judge lies above…focus on that. Point the figure at yourself and search within…the answers will come.



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