Gaura Vani and Karnamrita Dasi


In today’s society where bullying and conflict is present “Gary and Zack become friends” depicts simple conflict resolution techniques for children to engage. The emotional turmoil usually felt by children in situations may cause them to act out negatively. This book clearly captures how simple problems can be resolved. It must be noted that respectable adults can help children make sound decisions.
In Trinidad and Tobago the Curriculum Guide, Values, Character and Citizenship Education used in Infants to Standard Five incorporates taking responsibility for behavior, having respect for each other and building relationships to name a few.
Ms. Julia Rambharose has touched on salient points that affect our society’s young generation and with this in mind I will give this book an A+. Keep on writing.
Helen Forbes-Huggins
Curriculum Specialist
Trinidad and Tobago


“Gajendra”, a simple children’s story book, yet loaded with a great message. Its bright and colourful illustrations are enchanting, and makes it a great read for children. I particularly loved the rhyming words used in the story. It made the narration so much fun. My 3 year old enjoyed it a lot. Ms. Julia Rambharose has written this book straight from her heart. I highly recommend this book for young children.

 Richa Pant
Surrey B.C  Canada


What struck me immediately was the simplicity of the writing, appealing to any child. The arrangement of the verses draws the eyes to key words. Boldly colourful and clear, cartoon-like pictures bring the story to life for kids and kids at heart. Great reading, illustrations and message for everyone..

Caron Asgarali
Motivational Speaker

Simply love this book. Gajendra’s story sends a simple but powerful message while simultaneously engages the reader with its colorful animations. I will definitely recommend this book to any young reader.

Josanne Singh
Finance professional

The very first thing which attracts my heart about the book Gajendra  are the pictures. The wonderful animated pictures  tells the story itself. I love how the words are rhymed so poetically that it makes you to get up, dance and  giggle with laughter. Along with all the fun, it also has a spiritual potency of sincere dedication and service attitude of Julia (Dhama-Rupini) who has added her contribution in the mission of Srila Prabhupada! So I highly recommend you to buy it!

Hare Krsna
Rashmi Bakker

My first glimpse of the new children’s book, Gajendra, by Dhama-rupini devi dasi, immediately grabbed my attention with it’s bright, cheerful and colourful illustrations.

The story, a simple summary from the Srimad-Bhagavatam, is for young children about the Elephant Gajendra who was attacked by a crocodile and saved by Lord Vishnu.

Written in a beautiful poetic rhyming manner with simple onomatopoeia words,  it brings to mind the style of Dr. Seuss’ children’s books.

Unlike Dr. Seuss’ however, this book is of a transcendental nature which can spiritually benefit  your child throughout their whole life as they will always fondly remember their favorite: Gajendra!

Your servant,
Jaya Govinda dasa BhS

Gajendra is a great book, with good morals, vivid illustrations and the writing has a good flow and is easy to understand. I would recommend this book to any family with children.

Vidalia Garcia
Early Childhood Educator
Starlight Childcare Centre