IMG_2070Julia Rambharose  also known as Dhama-rupini   is married  to Haridham (a.k.a  Hitesh Jogia) and she is the mother of two young children Hari Keshava and Divya Vani.

Julia was born in England and her parents relocated to Trinidad when she was two and a half years old. Julia has spent most of her life in Trinidad. However after getting married in 2010 Julia migrated to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Julia is an avid reader and tremendously enjoyed pursuing one of her majors Literatures in English where she was given the opportunity to study various genres. Julia’s childhood dream was to become a teacher and she fulfilled that dream teaching High School in Trinidad for ten years. She has also taught in Luton, England for four months. Arriving in Canada Julia continued to enhance her qualifications and taught English As a Second Language to children and teenagers.

Presently, Julia has decided to focus on raising her children as she is a firm believer in inculcating deep moral values and creating the holistic child. She believes this can be done if a firm foundation is set and her children’s upbringing far outweighs any personal ambitions.

Writing has been pivotal in Julia’s life as she wrote her version of the popular Nancy Drew suspense books with a friend in elementary school, at that time she was only eleven. Throughout her life she has wrote several unpublished books and poems.

After studying Early Childhood Education in Canada, Julia developed a desire to add to the Children’s literary genre.  She adds her unique perspective to her work and also sees her writing as an offering to God. Developing a close relationship with God is integral to Julia’s life.

Julia’s first book Gajendra is an adaptation of a pastime that was narrated in the ancient Vedic Scripture, the Srimad Bhagvatam. It highlights the unflinching faith that the devotee elephant, Gajendra had in the Lord’s strength.  Gary and Zack become friends is Julia’s second book that has an underlying moral, teaching children to communicate. Julia’s books can be enjoyed by the very young as early as a baby, as it is sensory in nature and rhythmic.  Her third book “ Hari’s Adventure in Port-of-Spain” was actually written first and has been published by touchstonemedia.com. “Baby  Hanuman” the author’s fourth book has recently been published.

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