Gary and Zack Become Friends

Gary and Zack_coverCS_May26.indd

Gary was a carefree, happy elephant who was not always kind or respectful of the other animals’ feelings. One day he disturbed Zack, the crocodile who became very angry and attacked him. Gary realized that he was inconsiderate and Zack learned that it is important to express feelings without physically hurting others. After their encounter they both became friends. This book encourages children to express their feelings amicably and encourages children not to resort to physically hurting others. It highlights the importance of “talking it out.” It also shows the importance of adults assisting young children and the mediating skills required in such situations. “Gary and Zack” is written in a simple, rhythmic style that appeals to young readers and even older children. It can be enjoyed by all; even adults who can emulate Grandpa Mac and Gary’s father who was willing to help and mediate.