Friendships that last a lifetime

I feel immense gratitude for a friendship that has stood the test of time. I have the fortune of having three more friends such as these but tonight I celebrate this particular friend who will cringe if I identify her.  Inspite  of time, events, circumstances, not being able to “hang out” like I would have done prior to my children. There is this beautiful friend from a totally different culture and life experiences that I can count on. We studied together during 2011-2013 and we became very good friends. She understood me and we had a deep connection over the years; regardless of our cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

She is thoughtful and gives her heart. Her text messages are filled with warmth. She hangs out with me and my kids; loves it totally. The kids love her. She is one of the best Educators ,I have ever had the fortune of working with. She loves children and her professionalism exudes in every encounter.

She loves my children and plays with them like a family member. Tonight I celebrate inspite of differences; once there is love all things are possible. There are no barriers.

I love you my dear… big hugs… you know me so well.


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