The importance of nature and spending time outdoors.

We have all had those moments when you feel it’s downhill. You’ve lost something at the start of the day. Your  household appliance doesn’t work; utilities denied or stopped for some reason. Frustrating intense moments that makes you want to scream. Arghhhhh!!!!!

I have found that just scooping up my kids yep scooping up if they have a tantrum or meltdown and out the doors changes everything. Of course try moving with a growing preschooler with flanking arms. It’s tough right but the response heavenly. I spent two hours yesterday watching my little ones just picking up leaves, stones and pine cones very happy with dirt and being amongst nature. It reminded me of what I learned from my Early Childhood Education course but it can be applied to us all. Outdoor time is pivotal for our health and healthy minds.

Also the effects of water is amazing in my life. I guess that explains my love for my home country when beaches are so abundant and close by. However I have overcome my missing stage and I equally love my experiences at lakes, rivers and beaches here. When all fails the local pool is easily accessible. I spent two hours with my little ones who loved it so much today. The result two happy campers that were very tired and had a wonderful nap and mommy got some rest too:) They were experimenting with the pool noodles calling it horses and sharks, they were moving and very active. Wonderful all round for little bodies. Mommy had to play as well so I got my exercise.

Think it’s better to diffuse any situation with practical reminders. Make use of your resources and simply go outside; it makes a change.


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