Appreciating the little things

Each day doesn’t have to be your fairy tale  day. What makes it truly special is your perspective. A shift in thought pattern can make the world of difference. My experience is when you feed the inner you or the inner child the result is bound to be fruitful. Actually we don’t need much just self awareness.

My most memorable days were days that started by appreciating the sun and it’s source . Actually it began before the sun appreciation. From the moment I awoke the gratitude for my eyes opening, touching the floor and being able to walk. The feeling of a shower and gratitude for water. How wonderful it is to have a bath when my grandmother not too long ago and ancestors did not have pipe borne water. Appreciation of my roots and the struggles that we take for granted. The ability to wake and greet my deities. My chanting beads ; my precious gift. The ability to read and understand. To write what a blessing! So i have realized that if I have this psyche rather than the grumbling -lack of which by the way can take over instantly; it truly  defines the way my day goes. It is important before I sleep to set my intention and carry through.

I am enjoying my peace and releasing all the bustle of the past few months serving community. I am rejuvenating me to be a more effective mother, wife, sister, friend, and all other roles. I’ve also realized that because each being is not indispensable I’m easily replaced and forgotten so why waste this energy on temporary situations . Better to fulfil your responsibilities whole heartedly and feel good about what you give out. We are beings of reciprocation and perhaps a bit narcistic as we like to think we are important but time and time again with so many relationships you are not so important. Better to spend time developing that relationship with the one person in the world that think you rock! And is waiting with embracing arms. I’m not saying shun off I’m saying recognize it’s all temporary and people move on. Please rejuvenate yourself and fill your bucket. I am filling my bucket and you should too. You deserve it!

Appreciate each moment and watch it overflow…


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