Your Story -My Story…

What gives anyone the right to give their opinion? Why am I so special that I need to voice so strongly via blog or flap my tongue on social media? These are for us all to answer. Who am I and why are you wasting your five minutes or less to read what I have to say? What are you searching for? What would you like to read? Why is this your business? What should you do after reading it? Have a good laugh? Frown? Write something? Acknowledge? Gossip to your husband or partner, ” this is what so and so wrote”… this plague continues. The lack of truly concrete relationships and only wanting to ” use” others when it is convenient is the modus operandi.

Most people feel as if they don’t belong. This is the sadness of modern day living. When I first moved to Vancouver I used to observe a lot and actually I was repulsed the most by interactions in a so called spiritual community who hammered me about personal questions. I often felt quite alone, judged and misunderstood without a proper interaction. I actually am quite hard on myself so I said – your story is your story… you choose your path and do what you’ve always done. Try to share- give it all as an offering. From giving brings joy. I found great happiness maintaining this stance in spite of the odds.  I fought all I can to validate the journey in the most trying times. I know what it’s like to be alone and a misfit in a society of cliques. Inspite of I value my past and the warriors that taught me to battle… I continue to learn from the past and I rise just as the sun each day- full of hope and promise.

I value all souls… it’s hard to understand the psyche. I wasted time trying to figure out so instead I respect inwardly and if I simply can’t I avoid. I give space. I give things time.Who am I to share this with you?Consider me a seeker like you… trying to carve something beautiful out of lifetimes of ugly impressions. Consider me a friend and if you’re open we can walk together. Your story is my story and we can learn together.


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