Savouring Silence

It is very difficult when you’re surrounded by children’s play noises which can be wonderfully beautiful or laughter, giggles cries or squeals  or whining and tantrums to find that quiet moment. Being largely an introspect I found it amazingly new when becoming a mother to realize silence only exists when my child sleeps. My temperament is such that I need lone time-thinking time. Like nothing in my life I savour silence. Pin drop dead silence, no music, no television, no nothing. Gratefully my first born was an awesome sleeper after the first month of his graceful presence. So I was able to sustain and nourish the inner me. Baby number 2 my  sweet girl -with the most gorgeous eyes but loved mommy so much that we had lots of feedings at night until she was the 27 months only a mere three months ago… hard to believe. Mom of two young ones the silence was less.

How do you get the silence you need if you’re an introvert reflector like myself? My strategies are simple:

1. Grab it while you can… Mere minutes at intervals. Note book at hand to log or journal.

2. Inner affirmations

3. Night time peace time… this has been a weakness in a sense but at this point of my life. Going to bed late works out. I’m still able to get my zzzzs…

Recognizing I’m a thinker- watcher… introvert few can relate. I tap in on what I need. Surprisingly I met a parent counsellor and we started chatting at a play group. She revealed that she had two little ones like me a few years ago and she craved for some silence. I started feeling relaxed here was someone who understood me and wouldn’t make me feel like the bad, selfish parent.

I love my kids and today I was jumping off a chair with my son and squealing with him as we jumped on cushions. I did it and will continue to provide them with that space for them to thrive but I also recognize I need the silence I just do… it’s a big part of me and I will continue to create the moments for it .

Self care pivotal in the journey.


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