True chivalry is protecting, honouring, firm but not harsh, intelligent, eloquence, grace , selfless, fearless, one of strong principles, moral and our list goes on… Does a responsible man pretend to fumble on his phone while he sits in the train and let a woman stand? Does he see women being insulted and turn a blind eye? Does he laugh with his friends who  are making smart comments at an attractive lady or ladies? Can he multi task? Can he do chores? Can he step up when needed? Does he just flap his tongue or can he be silent and do the work?

As the mother of a young boy my responsibility is to ensure that my son is well rounded. I hope and pray he can develop chivalric qualities. As an Educator I would like to empower my male students. As an aunt I want to inspire my nephews. As a sister in law I want to support my brothers-in-law. As a wife my foremost role is to inspire my husband and to support his goals. We all have a responsibility to raise brave boys who will be men. We need to raise brave women. Women who value their worth but understand their responsibilities.

Last night I went to see a Bollywood movie after a long time Padmaavat. I admired seeing the characters determined and fearless. I was in awe of the Rajput women and their strength. Now I am inspired to visit Rajasthan.  I reflected on true bravery. I would like to develop this quality more within myself. I am even more determined to raise my children to be brave.



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