Maintaining your “sacred space”

Taking the liberty of recognizing that these entries are helping those who need it the most I have decided to be more BOLD, as my audience will benefit from my authenticity. Unmet expectations, disappointments, friendships turned sour, new relationships, new focus, demanding others, societal demands, religious circles where cliques,segregation and hypocrisy exist seemed to groom me to a higher understanding and calling. Am I going to be a pawn? Am I going to be the “yes” person that I have been guided to become in the name of religion and seeking a humble position or Am I going to do what feels right? These are some pending thoughts.

I have been through not your average challenges in my lifetime yet I appear to have the look of an organized, super woman. I have come  along way and perhaps before my demise I may pen my entire life story for others to benefit from. Perhaps it may be useful. Therefore I owe it to myself as you do because you’ve been down that road as well…to MAINTAIN YOUR SACRED SPACE AT ALL COSTS…. INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY.


Forget the naysayers. The so called friends who seem overly busy and send them love through your meditations. They truly need it. The world is filled with insecure people who are threatened by anything and I mean anything. Therefore you owe it to yourself  to truly send positive vibrations by your thoughts, authenticity, distance if you need too, and only then can we make a difference. Be in the moment feel the disappointments, yes get a little angry or a lot but do not let it stay there. Create your space internally and externally and maintain that space. Meditate on that loving being and reconnect with that Supreme Being who is your best friend. What can you ever lack? Why bother to even waste thinking space on negativity… Let it go!Let it flow!


Your Space External

Anything that helps you meditate or delve within.Mat, beads, candles, flame, oils, incense, out in nature, create your sanctuary…unlimited possibilities.

Internal space

Truly affirming and loving yourself.

Clear the clutter and toxins-including toxic people and thoughts

Visual images of your circle- loving people

Your Supreme Maker.


Love you

All we need is love

Julia (Dhama-rupini)


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  1. Very succinctly done! No, it’s not being bias because I happen to be your husband lol. Your space is your sanctuary, your fortress of solitude! Where even a Supermom, Superwife, Superwoman needs to reevaluate, refocus, and reenergize.

    Wonderful is the need for basic health and well being of your person that boundaries have to be set. You have a choice of what to let in, do not allow any negatives to stay permanently while the positives are outside looking in and wondering when will there be room.

    Boundaries, prayers,love, expression, self reflection, self growth is important.

    Spirituality is ultimately about personal growth. You can tell how someone’s consciousness is by their behavior. Some need love, some need prayer, some are what they are.

    Beautiful write up


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