Unconditional love

Soaring temperatures, fatigue, endless days and nights, adrenaline pumping, sore arms that can hold two toddlers simultaneously  and much more pretty much sums up one of the hardest weeks of my life. Bleak weather reflects my mood experiencing the harshest winter of my life. In spite of it all holding on to my faith gave me all the strength I needed recognizing that my true refuge solely in this world is God- my Lord Krishna. The worst is over-fevers subsided nor do I need to check the thermometer and touch foreheads ever so often… I can BREATHE!!!

People underestimate the strength of a woman actually MOTHERS. A mother cannot get ill, actually since 2013 I have had to fight every illness and even if I was ill I had to be well. How is that humanly possible? Only through divine intervention. I seriously have no plausible explanation. I felt rotten like my kids and my ailing husband. However I simply could not even think about me. Though sick I willed myself to be better. Thinking I was well, saying I was well and pretending I was well. This friends is the power of the SECRET. Now I know it works. Actualizing, Fantacizing and manifesting. Yipee! I will use this strategy for future endeavours and I will definitely share the results. So yeah sickness was gone with me in a few hours- drank some vitamin C drink, ginger tea and  oil of oregano drops. Just acted like I was well and depended on the Lord. I made multiple dishes for a picky toddler including cakes, muffins and you name it.I also nursed the almost two year old as if she was a newborn. Truly  an exhausting and busy four days.

Through the whirlwind of tumultuous emotions I am grounded in my faith and ever grateful that I survived such days.




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