Appreciating family

Time and distance can create a yearning for things of the past, romanticizing and glorifying something that does not exist or can really make you appreciate persons you took for granted or create the total opposite isolation and disconnection. I have found since migrating to Vancouver, Canada since December 2010 there has been a balance. Today I choose to value each family member their uniqueness, laughter, silliness, crankiness and their individuality. I remember each one that  I hold dear to me and I hug them mentally. To my awesome parents; you are my rock and I love you so much. My sisters I hug you mentally…Love you lots. You both have helped me grow. The fights, laughter and memories are what I hold dear.

I encourage you to value each family member and celebrate his/her strength/s. These persons have helped us in our individual journeys and we are indebted to them.

All we need is love-love your circle…




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