Creating creative experiences with clay!

10A91D72-5911-47F3-8B55-41B12B1A8869Research indicates that clay is not being utilized in childcare centres or public schools; inspite of its wonderful benefits. Topal postulates, “Most teachers would say that they don’t use it because it is messy or that they haven’t had any experiences with clay themselves.”
The literature highlights the therapeutic, sensory, malleable experience of clay. “When one works with clay, a special kind of communication takes place between the hands, the clay and the imagination (Topal p.51)

770F9105-93B4-4425-BAE1-AE178FBF1370Clay can be transformed by poking, pressing, pinching, rolling squeezing, making figures, objects  and shapes. Topal expounds “Clay is responsive. As children spend more time with clay, they gain control over their hand movements and begin to construct with the clay.”

Why are we not making more efforts to use this priceless natural material in classrooms when there are numerous benefits. Every effort should be made to encourage and inform Educators to add this wonderful resource to classrooms.


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