Being present in each moment

Each moment is a special gift and our ability to utilize this  gift is an art if mastered can bring great success.
Being home as I like to call Trinidad the country where I spent most of my life; there’s always the opportunity to reflect amongst my favourite nature places. I spent some hours with my children and family on the beach. It wasn’t the solitude that I have grown used to in these places but now with my children there is a new dimension. Squeals, laughter, tears at times makes me work harder to grab those moments to reflect. I “sucked” it in when I held my son’s hand and we walked towards the water. I wanted the moment to freeze forever as I know these are moments that I will always hold dear. Three year old hands in mine… Soft sand and a beach that is all inviting.
I savoured my daughter’s tight hugs and smelled her baby scent as she said, ” mummy… Mummy…”
I’ve only been here three days but it feels so natural and I’m trying to live fully in each moment.
It was funny as I never thought after so many years I would have this moment again but I felt blessed to have it…Kids are exhausted at the end of the day so I had an extra thirty minutes I opted to read something light and engaging. Lying outstretched guess who is reading ….my dad… I didn’t say anything I just took the next sofa and did exactly the same thing.We exchanged few words…. It felt as if nothing changed after all these years. Blissful memories…



  1. Amazing short simple and sweet. The memories and moments that you are experiencing are more important than you realize. You are fortunate to have these realizations which are worth more then you can imagine.


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