Dear readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to view my blog and my facebook page. I am very excited to share my adaptation of “Gajendra.” I tremendously enjoyed working on this project and it is my offering to each of you.

The Gajendra pastime is described in Canto 8 of the Srimad Bhagvatam.  Gajendra, the powerful elephant encountered insurmountable adversity. He prays  sincerely  and surrenders completely without any inhibitions  to Lord Vishnu.This pastime teaches us all to surrender completely and to possess unflinching faith in the Lord.

Srmad Bhagvatam Canto 8.2.7 gives a beautiful description of the Trikuta Mountain where Gajendra resided and the other forest animals:

“The valleys beneath Trikūṭa Mountain are beautifully decorated by many varieties of jungle animals, and in the trees, which are maintained in gardens by the demigods, varieties of birds chirp with sweet voices.”
Canto 8.2.8 continues the description
“Trikūṭa Mountain has many lakes and rivers, with beaches covered by small gems resembling grains of sand. The water is as clear as crystal…”
Today I would like to focus on the beauty of the Trikuta Hill and its surroundings.
I encourage you to look around and see the beauty of God’s gift to us. The beautiful trees, blooming flowers, serene waterfalls, crisp clear water, lush vegetation, the kaleidoscope of colours all around that we do not pay heed to. We are so self absorbed in our thoughts, goals  and ambitions that we do not pay attention to these gifts of nature.  I urge you to appreciate God’s beauty.
Please describe for me your favourite nature spot and why  you like this particular place. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Until next time
All we need is love!
Julia (Dhama-rupini)

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